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Patey and Sons Outfitting. Newfoundland , Canada 2015

My hunting trip to Newfoundland Canada for Woodland Caribou and Black started with my flight into Deer lake on the northern peninsula. October in Newfoundland is typically damp and cold, 2015 was no exception. The two hour drive north to River of Ponds was picturesque with the ocean waves splashing against the rocky shore. The base camp consisted of a comfortable cabin with four double bed rooms, a dining area and the large lounge area. Day one found us locked in at base camp due to bad weather. Day two started with cloudy skies and by 10:00 am we off in our float plane to the field cabin in the mountains. We were met by our four guides and off loaded our gear into the three room cabin. Rustic would be the only word to describe the cabin. Situated on a small lake the outside latrine, wooden walkways across the rocks added to the northern bush camp ambiance.

By day five all four hunters had filled their tags for their primary animals of either Moose or Woodland Caribou. I personally scored with a very large triple beam bull on our first day in camp. Three moose and one other Caribou rounded out our trip. The balance of my stay in camp was spent looking for a large black bear. Very tiring six mile hikes into the hills proved fruitless, due to the low berry crop only one small bear was observed. Day six met us with increasing winds and we were forced to pull out of camp without getting a bear.

As the helicopter pulled up to shore I loaded my gear and flew back to base camp.

Although my trip was cut short I still came back with a very nice caribou and a feeling of satisfaction for a very enjoyable hunt.

Check my photo section for a view of my extraordinary Woodland Caribou.

     Namibia Die Keiler Safaris 2011 Hunt Report

Hunting the semi arid climate of Namibia was an experience that every hunter should take. From the breath taking scenery of the red sand dunes to the plentiful game we experienced it all. The hospitality of both the outfitters and the local population was exceptional.