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Craig and Mackynzies bears came in last night and both look horrible I'm so upset. I worked out a deal with this other taxidermist and I did his website, now I am so angry that I went with him..We still paid enough for Craig's and all the fur is bunched up under the belly and it doesn't look anything like the live one he shot, nor does Mackynzies ..I can't even describe how angry I am. I should have just brought them to you in the first place.. This guy was closer and well that was a huge mistake..The only cinnamon bear I have ever seen and now it looks ruined. Craig's is impossible to get out of the house now that it took forever to get it in. The guy delivered them last night. I am so disappointed, can you help us?

Thanks Dave

I just received the photo of the cinnamon bear you re-mounted for me, OMG, it is absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to see Craig's. We should have gone with you to start with.